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You're exactly on the wrong side of Poor Mountain to easily get WSET. Even their channel 5 translator is likely not available to you. You'll likely need a very large high-VHF antenna just for that one station while the rest of your Roanoke locals should be easy (low-VHF + UHF).

There are several ways to approach the challenge:

1) Go with a large all-channel antenna that has sufficient reception for WSET. It will be overkill for the Poor Mountain stations, but it should work well. Add a rotor to explore reception in other directions if desired. This will maximize overall reception.

2) IF Roanoake-only is okay, then install two antennas - a small all channel for everything except WSET plus a large high-VHF antenna combined with a channel 13 Jointenna or similar.

Much depends on what your over-all goal might be.
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