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Best antenna for my area

Hello everyone,

Newbie to the ota antenna game here!

I live in the GTA area near the lake with few if any obstructions antenna will be pointed towards the lake.

I am considering a few antenna options as follows:

channel master cm5020 - masterpiece
channel master 4228hd
wine-guard hd7698p
wine guard hd8200u

i'm really not sure if these antennas are the best for my area as i want to get the best possible reception and only do this install once . It is for one tv and the coaxial runs for about 40', i might add another tv later which would have an additional 30' coaxial length (but not yet) not sure if i need a preamp before or after extra tv added (If so i was looking at the wineguard or channel master brands). Also i was considering buying a rotor motor namely the channel master cn9521a, as i would like to pick up all available channels that i can since i intend to do this install only once lol. Would this motor be necessary?

Thank in advance

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