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Any way to get distant major networks with local PBS nearby?

I have recently purchased a Winegard SS-3000. I live in an loft-style apartment with tall north-facing windows, and have it mounted about 25' AGL. There are no tall buildings to the north of mine (the apartment is in the most northerly block of commercial-type brick buildings in the center of town). I am able to pic k up the local university PBS network (WTIU), but can't get the main networks from Indianapolis (NBC and CBS are what I care about).

I got the SS-3000 since it seemed to be the most sensitive indoor antenna available, but it's hard to find dB measurements for indoor antennas. It came with a small external amplifier.

Is there any amplifier which I could purchase that could let me pick up WTHR and WISH? I realize that with such a strong transmitter nearby an amplifier might get overloaded, is there some sort of VHF-only amplification that would work? Or something that could filter out the UHF PBS signal before the amp?

Since it is a city-block apartment I can't mount an external antenna. If there is some other, more sensitive indoor antenna than the SS-3000 I wouldn't be opposed to it, either. An outdoor antenna like the Antennas Direct DB4 or the Winegard 4400 would fit in the window as well, but these are UHF-only. Is there a VHF that has a similar configuration? A yagi-type antenna is no good, obviously.
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