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thanks much something to think hard about. one more think i may try next year is to just connect separate antennas one to eand tv.

part of my problem is i have a power transformer out in the front like 75' away and one time years ago the neighbor had an antenna guy trying to hook up an antenna and he told me that transformer gave him fits. hw was from an antenna company in the area.

but it is a challenge. a few weeks ago i got a home built antenna from a guy down the road. he put it under his eve on the east side of his house, then he scanned for channels and he got like 10 more that i do. i'm 40' in the air. and he point it south east. if i point southeast i look at the power pole directly.

anyway his signal strength was way more then mile so i got it and connected it up, i got about the same signal as i do now. and i got the same channels as i get with my setup. so that 30$ did not good. but next summer i will try it on the girls house and see if she get better signals.

and then i will retry that omni again at my place and see if it works any better. thanks
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