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Originally Posted by corvairbob View Post
thanks. i have one of them pointed at that tower now. and the yagi is point more to that channel and to g.r.
that splitter is a both wat unit. it does either in or out on all the ports. i got it form a tvfool vender way back when i was setting my system up the firs time about 2 years ago. he is in the lansing area and use to live over my way.
Denny's in Ithaca, MI?

A splitter in reverse as a combiner will give you problems.
he sells the double antenna system that is a stacked unit. i may wind up getting that system next summer and mounting it a bit higher and then put a rotator on it. i hate to rotate the antenna because multiple tvs run form them and if i move to one station then i lose the signal for other tv's.
That sounds like the Stacker.

You're right, a rotator will cause problems.

I suggest you have your main antenna connected to all TVs at the antenna input. Then, connect the COZI antenna to a converter box tuner and connect its output to the aux input of just one TV so that you can watch COZI on that TV.

No rotator or rescanning needed.

You do have a lot of channels in different directions, but I'm not convinced an Omni antenna will be a good solution for you. They receive poorly in all directions because the omni antenna element doesn't have much gain and the internal preamp will make the signals stronger, but it will not improve the signal quality.
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