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thanks. i have one of them pointed at that tower now. and the yagi is point more to that channel and to g.r. .

that splitter is a both wat unit. it does either in or out on all the ports. i got it form a tvfool vender way back when i was setting my system up the firs time about 2 years ago. he is in the lansing area and use to live over my way. he sells the double antenna system that is a stacked unit. i may wind up getting that system next summer and mounting it a bit higher and then put a rotator on it. i hate to rotate the antenna because multiple tvs run form them and if i move to one station then i lose the signal for other tv's.

i would like to find a omni directional antenna. i have one i got from the guy that had the tv station in muskegon a few years ago but he died and i do not have it anymore, i installed it at my girls house. she gets the stations better than i do. but i can't take her stuff down now. what i should have done was taken it apart to see how he made it and then just copied it.

maybe someone here has one or know someone that builds them. thanks
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