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Originally Posted by corvairbob View Post
in the tv that show signal strength i get 40 for most channels and 60 for a few so it is dependent on the power the stations have.

rabbit when i was setting up my system we went all over this.
OK, you're going to make me hunt for it. I looked at your previous thread for the missing details since you didn't want to give them here. Is this report correct for your location?

for some reason i lose signal when i have 2 antenna point to the same direction. the tv station calls it atmospheric disturbance. i calle bunk but if i take one off line sometime i get better signal. and then sometimes i have to put it back online
I call it a problem with your method of combining. Using a splitter in reverse as a combiner is easy, but it usually doesn't work very well. The same signals from each antenna interfere with each other when they get to the combiner.

If you don't have all the signals when combined that you had when the antennas were separate, that method of combining doesn't work for you.
i also have a post amp/splitter for 4 tv's and for the most part they do good. now and then i lose 8 or 29 . i didn't watch 8 much but i watch 29-2 a lot as it has cozy and i like that programming. thanks
If COZI-TV is important to you, you will need a separate antenna for WOMS-CD. It's very low power; only running at 0.7 kW ERP, which is about as much as a toaster uses.

And then you will have to figure out a way to switch to the COZI antenna.
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