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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
I don't completely understand your problem. There are a lot of details missing.

Why do you need to take one out? What advantage does that give you? depends on how the atmosphere is

What is the problem if you don't take it out? lose signal on 1 or 2 tv stations

What are the two antennas, and where are they aimed? i have 3 antennas. 1 yagi for uhf and 2 8 bay flat style units pointing north east fome me

What kind of combiner are you using? i can't say for sure but i will do in and out for signal and i got it from a vender on this site

What channels are involved? 29-1,2,3 and sometimes 8-1,2,3 for my area 49442

What does your signal report look like?
in the tv that show signal strength i get 40 for most channels and 60 for a few so it is dependent on the power the stations have.

rabbit when i was setting up my system we went all over this.

for some reason i lose signal when i have 2 antenna point to the same direction. the tv station calls it atmospheric disturbance. i calle bunk but if i take one off line sometime i get better signal. and then sometimes i have to put it back online

i also have a post amp/splitter for 4 tv's and for the most part they do good. now and then i lose 8 or 29 . i didn't watch 8 much but i watch 29-2 a lot as it has cozy and i like that programming. thanks
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