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Thanks Rabbit, I appreciate the info.

Anyway, I hooked up that RCA ANT752E antenna inside my dads apt, and all UHF local channels come in fine with the antenna aimed sort of in the middle of his local towers to balance the signal as best I could (Flint-Saginaw-Bay City DMA). However, there's not even a HINT of signal for WJRT-12, which is high VHF RF12. Cement and steel bldg, must be blocking it, or some electrical device in the building might be jamming it. I couldn't believe there wasn't even a hint of signal, and I even tried an older PA19 preamp I had that's still good. Didn't help for WJRT-12, but did jack up the signals for the UHF channels. However, since I didn't need those jacked up, I removed the preamp.

They won't allow an outside antenna though. Oh well, he wanted MeTV on 12.2, but he'll have to do without it. This will pay for itself quickly, over a $100 a month Charter/Spectrum tv bill.

I wish there was a better combo UHF/VHF antenna about the same size as this one, and with the same width of reception that gets a higher signal level for high VHF. I guess though even at double the VHF db level of this one I installed, there's still no guarantee it could get WJRT, but it would be nice.

If I could find an original ANT751, is it really that much better at high VHF?

I do have a spare Stellar Labs 30-2475 antenna and a Radio Shack UVSJ to combine it that he could use, but I just don't have the room available to install it with the ANT752E already installed.

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