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This is what the original RCA ANT751 looks like:

This is what the RCA ANT7511 looks like:


Differences between the original RCA ANT751 and the RCA ANT7511

                       751                    7511
UHF Driven Element   Tetrapole            Long Dipole
VHF Directors            2                      1
UHF Directors        1 Director Pair      3 Conventional
                     2 Conventional
Shorting Stubs       2 Pairs              1 Pair of thin wires
Mount                At rear              Between VHF elements
If you get the 7511, it will work, but not as well as the original 751. The 7511 has less gain, but you probably will not notice the difference in strong signal areas; it might make difference with weak marginal signals.

Maybe the only way left to get the original is to buy it from Denny.
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