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Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
Hi MikeBear:

Thanks for the update on the latest version of this good work horse of an antenna. I don't know if this link to RCA is the same as you bought, but it's the only one labeled close to what you mentioned above:

Probably due to monetary issues, RCA seems to "downsize" some of their antennas every time they "update" a model. @Rabbit73 mentioned this earlier in this thread in post 16. The link above shows one less element and no Tetrapole. Is this the antenna you bought for your Dad?

However, the bottom line on any antenna is the reception it gives you at your location. Obviously you folks are happy with its performance, so congratulations and enjoy!
Well, the Menard's store has the internet page ad labeled as ANT752Z, and that's what I thought I was getting. However in the store, the box is labeled ANT752E.

It's even slightly different than your link above, but real close. The only difference is that it has no complete Tetrapole, though it does have the top "wing" elements of the Tetrapole. Almost like it's now just an extra element (but thinner than the regular ones), and I swung them out and am using them as a element. There's nothing about that in the instructions, as the instructions don't even completely match the present antenna! So even though they update the antenna itself, they don't bother with updating the instructions.

The front half of the mast connects to the back half, and there's a separate set of aluminum phasing wires coming off of the single 1/2 Tetrapole sort of element, that screw down with nuts to the first elements of the back half.

Not having a Tetrapole really concerned me at first. However, it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of difference.

Edit: Whoops, looking at your link above again of the ANT7511, what I call the "top wing" elements of the Tetrapole, seems to be what @Rabbit73 shows screwed down to the rear section elements. He shows the aluminum wires he calls "shorting stubs" just hanging in the air alongside the boom. Is that the way it's meant to be installed? Can't tell from the instructions, as it doesn't show it.

I swung up the "top wing" elements, and stuck what Rabbit calls the "shorting stubs" under the nuts and tightened them down that way. I wonder if it'll work better the way Rabbit has it?

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