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The latest version of this RCA (VOXX) has out is labeled ANT752E.

The instruction manual and box photos to put it together shows a photo of the ANT751, and doesn't even quite match what the antenna is presently built like. Instructions are off, and it's hard to tell just exactly how they want you to put it together.

I've just picked one up for my dad, but I haven't installed it as of yet to see if it's any good. Hopefully it is, and works well for him.

Edit, 3:57pm:

Well, I decided to try out this antenna before taking it 50+ miles away and installing it at my dad's. I just put the J-mount on our outside raised deck railing (split level house), and screwed it down with two screws. I then mounted the antenna to it, and hooked it up to a 25' length of Walmart pre-packaged RG-6. So, it's about 9ft off ground level, and surrounded by trees. I then screwed the coax into the back of my 2013 LG tv set.

Works VERY well! Aimed towards WEYI-25 which is South-West, it picks up all my local channels, which are within a 35 to 47 miles radius. Including WJRT-12, which is on RF12 high vhf. It picks up but doesn't lock the two 10KW low powered stations (WFFC & WFKB) that are 32 miles away like my HDB91x does, but that antenna is mounted 15' higher up.

All in all, a good small low profile antenna for those that can only use a smaller unobtrusive one, and that the mud-flap antennas aren't quite good enough. As tiny as this antenna is, I'm AMAZED it works so well even without any sort of preamp, and only 8ft off the ground during this test.

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