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Thank you both OTAFAN and rabbit73 for taking the time to help us folks who don't understand lot of this stuff. Sincerely appreciate your time.

o No preamp or amp of any type.
o Only one connection to the antenna, which is a TV tuner card (hauppauge WinTV-quadHD) in a desktop.

I must add the length of cable from antenna to the desktop is about 75 ft. I think I can cut that down by moving the antenna to the other end of the (rectangular) house to about 50-60ft.

>> I think you should stick with just the channels from San Francisco which has Fox.

Great advice, I think I'll do that and will not worry about omni directional antenna.

>> If your present antenna doesn't have enough gain on VHF-High for KNTV NBC on 12 and KGO ABC on 7, try a Winegard HD7694P antenna.

Yes, ABC sometimes goes choppy too. I am looking at ordering the Winegard HD7694P now.

Final, quick question, if my cable length from antenna to the desktop more than say 50 or 60 ft, do I need an amp or a preamp of any type?

Thanks much.
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