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Hi tuktuk:

First of all, here's your (zip code) Post-Repack report at 20'. It's more up to date and accurate than the TV Fool report since they have a very small staff and are unable at present to keep current. (It takes about 20 seconds to load).

I'm not sure about terrain issues that might effect your Fox reception, such as tree blockage or your actual location from the towers. But your rabbitears report looks good, LOS. So, you should be able to get what you want without too much trouble. Mostly I see UHF reception from your report, but a few VHF-H channels; and some VHF-L that might be problematic.

Depending upon what you want to receive, you could upgrade to the Clearstream 4 Max, or go with something like the RCA ANT751R or Winegard HD7000R (particularly for VHF-L), or check out Channel Master antennas, etc. I'm sure others here can give you good advice on antenna selection too.

I don't have any experience with the antennas you mentioned, other than to say check out reviews people have posted that are using them now.

If you want to leave more details about your location, I'm sure others here can give you a more thorough recommendation. If he's available, you can also PM to rabbit73 for security and he will be able to run your location privately and give you excellent advice.

Please let the forum know how it turns out for you when you get everything settled. I would certainly be interested.

Thanks and all the best.....

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