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I really appreciate that everyone is sticking with me on this.

Is there somewhere I can make a donation to offset the expenses of running the site or something?

I see that aligning my DB 8E again wouldn't be too hard but I would have to revamp my set up.
It may come down to that but I'll avoid it until all other options are tried.

As I mentioned above, each antenna is on a separate mast attached to a wooden pole.
The DB is on the south side of that pole and the CM is on the north side.
If I ever need to adjust the DB, I just need to loosen the clamps and it will pivot around an axis; the utility pole.
Because of the design of the CM, it needs to be higher than the pole the mast is attached to.

I'm getting a lot of stations right now with the separate antennas in the present configuration.
If the UVSJ does the job, I think I'm set.

Regarding the 91XG, I hope I don't need to buy any more antennas.
I would gladly buy anything I could from Antennas Direct.

If they had a VHF antenna that worked for me, I would have gotten it from them.
The Clear Stream 5 didn't work for me.

I trust them.
They earned it the very first time I contacted them and they didn't try to sell me an antenna.

With all the internet charlatans out there, it was nice to find someone who was trustworthy.

Nascarken, I may try that down the road a little
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