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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
AD Tech is correct, it's not a steadfast rule, merely a strong suggestion to put the UHF antenna above the VHF antenna. So, for now, you can just try the antenna position the way it is and if you like what you have, keep it that way.

I do have a suggestion on keeping the same aim on your DB8e. You can take a 3 or 4 or better yet a 5-foot foot level and scribe a line with a Sharpie on your mast. Make a corresponding alignment mark on your clamp.

Loosen the clamps, slide the antenna down and line up your marks again. That should keep the aim exactly as how you had it. As you've already figured out you will have to remove the other antenna to do this.

Just an idea.

I suggest you try too put the db8 on a 35degree agl it will in prove your receive the same way you put a satilight dish on an agl
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