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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Thanks, nascarken.

Is "91xg" an antenna?
91 XG is an excellent highly directional antenna made by Antennas Direct. One of the highest gain UHF only antennas in the industry.

If you ever decide to order one, call Antennas Direct, and have them match the Amazon price including the shipping. They will do it, and you will get to spend some quality time with some excellent customer service people and see how it's really done!

It will take longer to get it from them because they will ship it the cheapest way possible. If you're in a hurry then Amazon is the best way, you can get it in one day or even the same day if you're close to a shipping center.

I ordered mine and waited. Yes, it took a little longer but I was happy that Antenna Direct got the full profit on the reduced-price. I call it loyalty.

It's a good company.!

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