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Tv Reception

I see that the tvfool radar report is for no feet antenna height above ground.

Please make 3 tvfool radar reports with antenna heights of , 01 , 10 , 25 , feet above ground.

Doing research , I see that WSPA has repeater stations that might be received.

The following are some tests for reception and not the recommendations I will recommend for reception depending on how tests go.

The following tests are using the preamp. Have only one Tv connected , no splitters.

W08AO-D channel 08 , at 5 degree magnetic compass direction.

W02AG-D channel 02 , at 154 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

I recommend doing a double rescans when trying for these repeater Tv stations.

The double rescan clears out the Digital tuner so the Digital tuner can do a fresh new scan for channels.

Disconnect the antenna coax from the Tv , and do a scan for digital broadcast Tv channels , this clears out the tuner.

Aim the antenna at a repeater Tv station , reconnect the antenna coax to the Tv , and scan for digital broadcast Tv channels.

And do the double rescan when trying for WSPA channel 7 CBS.

Aim the antenna at about 127 degree magnetic compass direction.

Also test reception of WASV-LP channel 50 NBC and Me-Tv and MyNetwork at 65 degree magnetic compass direction.

And looks like WSPA is also on WYCW-DT REAL Digital UHF channel 45 , virtual number (62.1-2) ,

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