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Nightly DX 130-150 miles?

When I got a normal FM only radio as a gift some time ago, I didn't know you could have a wire antenna for FM. So I played around with it and found out if a signal was coming from the north I wanted to go completely perpendicular (I think that's it) to it so the antenna would be facing east/west, and allowed me to pick up WNOX from Knoxville every night, and if I make the antenna go North/South, it'll pick up stations from Huntsville that aren't even on the FM list such as Lite 96.9 and 99.1 and sometimes 95.9. How is this possible with a normal radio that doesn't have that good of a filter (Stations leaking onto other frequencies from like 94.3 to 94.5) to pick these up every night which end up dying out around 8:30 AM?
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