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Thanks, rabbit.

Started to order from amazon, but got stuck on which RG 6 .... been awhile since I beat this topic to death.

LOTS of marketing on coax ...iíve installed 1000s of feet, but never found a notable ďdifferenceĒ ... Iíve also installed a zillion feet of RG 59, but further, er, back in time. Iíve had issues with sloppy connectors (mine and others), but never enough cable line loss for me to tell something was wrong.

Have reviewed the line loss charts for 18 awg ... they donít differentiate whether it is solid copper or copper clad steel ... any real difference or just marketing? (Steel a bit stiffer, but ...)

Any real preference between manufacturers for RG 6? I do always try to buy USA sourced.

Btw - any difference in net signal between screw on a crimp on connectors?
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