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Thank you, Nascarken for the recommendation! Wineguard 8200U is certainly a premium antenna, from what I could see on their website.

But I live in a strong signal area and don't need that large of an antenna or preamp. My RCA751 delivers anywhere between 25 to 36(mostly above 30), SNR on my Samsung signal meter, for around 180 received channels in several different languages, no less. So, the 8200U might be too much for my situation. But the HD7000 might fit the bill since it's just a bit larger version of the 751, two longer dipoles for low VHF. If I need more gain, I found the RCA 3037XR, which has more UHF/high & low VHF elements to it, but not too much larger or heavier than my current set up.

As I mentioned to gmcjetpilot, I'm waiting to see if any other options for low VHF come up, but as Rabbit73 has mentioned several times, it just depends on if the manufacturer can make money on producing a new antenna. I'm curious to see if Antennas Direct is going to come up with a low VHF option???

Thanks so much again for your kind reply, Nascarken! I appreciate your input and if you can think of anything else, please post.

Best to you!
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