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Update 3 years later !!!

Well, Lets try this again, took too long and got logged off!

Here's the update since 2016, I have been using both antenna arrays.

Reception has been good. Rotators are seized, with little hope of any help from Channel Master.

The "Milwaukee array" is not so tall about 15 feet from the roof peak.

The Chicago array is 35 Feet above the roof peak with a 10' tripod for stability at the base and guy wires with eyelet hooks into roof rafters reinforcements. Very sturdy.

The Chicago array is heavy. The mast is 1 3/8" SS 20 with waterpipe slid inside. Double wall if you will. On top are a Antenna Direct XG 91 and a Stellar Labs 30-2476.

Because of the height, I used 3/16 guy wires and a special custom bearing I designed. Today the wind was brutal. The leeward side 1/4" galvanized guy wires went slack, and the windward side held up well. Maybe I need to get all 4 guy wires tightened up.

Here is the Dropbox link for the videos I shot today during the 50+MPH winds. We had a gale warning today, 60MPH winds at the max.

My biggest complaint is that I want to combine both arrays easily. Using two boxes sucks and since I already use two boxes in my home theater, it's fine for me but a pain for all the other TV's in the house. I would like to have some kind of box that blocks unwanted weak signals from each direction. Maybe like a Jointenna. I have been told that there are companies that make them.

Any suggestions to any of the concerns I have?
Especially the two antennas into one input solution.

Finding a economical HD rotator would be nice too.

Thanks, Bob

P.S. Thanks to Rabbit73 for getting this post rolling. IN fact his help got mer through the whole project before I was approved to join TV Fool.

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