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Do you need Youngstown?

Your report at 20 feet for reference:

at 30 feet:

Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Unfortunately, it would be for multiple TVs.
If you want all channels in all directions, that will be very complicated. Your signals are weak, which requires high gain antennas. High gain antennas have a very narrow beamwidth; that is the tradeoff with gain vs beamwidth. You also need a preamp for each antenna. Your system will require four antennas with three coax downleads. Each TV will require three coax connections and two separate tuners.

If that is not acceptable to you, then you will need to settle for fewer channels. A CATV system does it with multiple antennas, single channel amplifiers, and a combiner for all channels. It costs thousands of dollars and looks like this:

It would be a nice bonus if the Polaroid would pick up both WJAC (UHF) and WWCP (VHF)
but it doesn't seem to work on VHF.
The Polaroid will work on VHF, but only for very strong signals, because it has a single folded dipole for VHF. WJAC on UHF channel 34 is at 142 degrees, and WWCP on VHF channel 8 is at 158 degrees. You would need a UHF antenna and a VHF antenna combined with a UVSJ just for the SE.
What pre amp would you recommend?
Your choices are:

Antennas Direct Juice
Channel Master 7777HD/Amplify, has HI/LO gain switch
Channel Master 7778
Will my CM amp in the basement affect this?
What models it, 3414?
The primary amplification should come from the preamps at the antennas. The distribution amp down below should only be added if splitting makes the signals too weak.
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