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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
My mini experiment with the motorized cheapy.
It's standing about 6'

Manually adjusting without the rotor I got RF 51, RF 38, RF 43 and RF 25 as well as 32? Virtual 6 from Johnstown
Those weren't very fine adjustments that I could make with the rotor.

Not sure what this is telling me.
Your Polaroid antenna has a built-in preamp. It is telling you that your Channel Master antenna needs a preamp up near the antenna.

The photo of the Polaroid antenna shows the front director folded forward, which is odd. And the reflector at the rear is unusual; I can't tell what it is made out of.

The similar QFX antenna has the front director folded back like the rest of the directors.

I would need to know how to connect all these to my amp that only has 1 in and 4 out.
Would a 4 way splitter work or is there a 3 way or 4 way combiner?
Combining antennas with a splitter in reverse doesn't always work. You just have to try it.
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