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Update and new issues that I hope you will continue to offer your advice.

Thank you in advance and I apologize that this is so long.
Just want to give as much detail as I can that may help.

I bought a DB8e antenna from Antenna Direct.(25% off Black Friday sale)
I learned after buying that this is not a good antenna for VHF so was advised to keep my old antenna for VHF and use the new antenna for UHF.

Added 2 sections of mast and attempted to install at the peak of my house but there was too much weight and bent the mast.
Re-installed at original location with the VHF antenna at the top with the DB8e below on the same mast.
The VHF is @20-21'' and the UHF is 15-17' and about 4-5' above my steel roof.

The old VHF works perfectly and I get all the channels I could expect to get or hope for.

The UHF is another matter and I have talked to Antenna Direct support quite a few times.
I have pointed and scanned quite a few times (20-30?. Or more)
I have had the panels parallel and also pointed in different directions.
I am doing better with the panels in different directions.

I don't think I have gained any stations that I didn't previously get.
As of now, I have one panel at approx. 194 and the other at approx. 215.

I don't get stations that I would have hoped or expected to get with a new antenna.

Here's what I don't get:
RF---->Virtual---> Call letters
51 4 WTAE
48 11 WPXI
42 22 WPNT
38 16 ION

Weak to half decent
43 53 WPGH

Good with the present setting
?? 6 WJAC
25 2 KDKA

New coax from the new antenna (50')
I have tried going directly from the antenna combiner box into my amp without using splitters/combiners...

If the metal roof is the issue, I could (possibly) move the DB8e about 20' from the house to a wooden light pole.

Today I'm going to try an experiment.
I have one of those cheap, motorized 150 mile antennas with a rotor.
I plan to try it on the side of the house and eliminate the DB8e just to see if it works or improves anything.
It won't be as high as the DB8e.

Once again, thank you for any suggestions and patience
It is a Polaroid AMA-1850P
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