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Do you think some of the issues are related to the TV?
The other TVs are Dynex.
Possibly. My buddy had a situation in which adding the second TV killed reception on the the first one. Simply unplugging the coax from the back of the second TV restored reception to the first one. He ended up replacing the second TV and that fixed it.

It sounds like you should simplify your setup until you get the reception figured out. Reduce to just one TV, and use short run of new RG-6 (50 feet or less) between the TV and the antenna. Use a buddy to find the best location and aim for the antenna. You might want to use a mast-mounted pre-amp during this exercise, but with a short run of coax and no splitters, the benefit will be small (less than 3dB of SNR is lost over 50-ft of RG-6). Simplicity probably outweighs amplification at this stage. Once you have single-TV reception optimized, then it is time to add in the complexities back in to your setup. Split to your three TVs, ad coax, etc. This is where the pre-amp will likely be needed, however you should confirm the pre-amp isn't going to hurt you, by using it on the single-TV setup before adding the splitters, additional coax runs, TVs, etc.

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