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Sniffing across Lake Michigan

Originally Posted by Stereocraig View Post
Good job, Bob.
And you haven't even sniffed for Michigan, or Indiana, yet.
Hi Craig, now that I'm a member after a few months of waiting, I wanted to respond to your "sniffing" suggestion.

I have sniffed to across the lake to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, etc, no good. I rotated the tallest antenna (91XG & 30-2476) East and slowly rotated from SE to NE and had no such luck. I even rotated the the lower mast east (HDB91X & 30-2476) with no luck. Finally I combined both masts, which I didn't expect any results from, but hey, it didn't hurt anything. NO luck.

I have an Oak tree of my own and others in the near proximity exactly in the whole 3 to 160 degree ie. almost due north to due south range, so it will have to wait until after autumn, in the ice cold of winter.

Even then, in winter most Oaks retain some browned off leaf clumps on selected branches through out the winter and finally drop them in spring when the buds break. Still it should be a chance to "Sniff"

Of Indiana stations I get WYIN 56.1 76 miles out but it is in that narrow 164 degree direction as my Chicago stations. The antennas are shooting the gap between two trees. I am happy to get WYIN though, I like PBS and programming is a little different than the other PBS stations.

How about you? What luck have you had?

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