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Originally Posted by bobsgarage
An update for you. Well, I will claim success. Depending on which TV I check, most Full power signals from Milwaukee and Chicago are over 95%. MY Bedroom 36" Toshiba Regza seems to have the best picture and the highest signal %. I have seen many Chicago stations peak at 99% With SNR in the 30's. Milwaukee is close on most channels.

I have Dropbox attachments for you from my Kitchen Toshiba 19" (not a Regza as I previously thought). Later I will take pics from my 36" as it seems to have a more accurate channel ID in the signal meter.

As seen in my pics, the signal meter doesn't always get the virtual channel right.

A good example is real channel 44. After a scan, if the TV tuner is on 7.1 the signal meter correct displays virtual channel 7.1 on real channel 44.

Change the TV tuner to any other channel. For example, using the remote to check real channel 45, it correctly displays virtual channel 44.1. Switching back to real channel 44, the signal meter now displays virtual channel 44.1 also.

I re-checked it this morning, If the TV is already on 7.1 at the time the signal meter is checked, it will show displays virtual channel 7.1 on real channel 44. If TV is not on 7.1 on real channel 44, the signal meter now displays virtual channel 44.1.

I noticed also, that the signal strength changes. I have some pics of that in the Dropbox folders. This is repeatable.

I did do a double re-scan more than once.

For the record my 36" Regza does not do that, at least with real channels 44 & 45. I am still researching the other channels, but it appears to be an issue with the TV.

Also the 36" TV pulls in 93 channels compared with the 19" which pulls in 77-80 channels. I think both TVs get more channels at night.

All in all, whether a TV issue or not, the problem seems to be with the signal meter as the tuner seems to pull the right channels when selected.

My older big projection TV has a primitive signal meter and does not show SNR, only % of strength.

Since the antennas are up, I feel that they are good, including the RCA PREAMP1's in both arrays. I only say that because I get strong VHF and UHF from Chicago and Milwaukee.

I'll keep you updated. So far I still excited about what I have and what it does and owe part of it to you.

Thanks, Bob
Thanks for the update..

It looks like you have reached your goal, Bob; well done!

Glad that we were able to help you.
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