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Originally Posted by bobsgarage
I will try to get the Toshiba model number for you when I get home. It is a projection TV bought in around 2001 or two I think.

I can tell you antenna input 1 and input 2 both have an option to go with antenna or cable. Unfortunately the Zenith tuner box that has only RF output and RCA red white and yellow.

Thanks Bob
Also, I was able to hook up my Zenith tuner. I first used it last night comma and I scanned with both antennas combined and I believe I got somewhere upwards of 90 channels or sub channels. It was raining at the time. Milwaukee VHF real Channel 8 (10.1 virtual) was coming and going also. In the morning it was probably the strongest channel I had from Milwaukee.
Very good, Bob.

How did you connect the Zenith to the TV?
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