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Originally Posted by bobsgarage
I'm sorry I did not specify but I cannot look at any photos whatsoever.

The pics you put up we're very good thank you.

I appreciate what you've done so far, and to update you from my last private message, I am making a list of what channels I can get and how strong the signal appears. I spent quite a lot of time checking signal station by station as I tweaked the rotator on the signal meter on my Toshiba projection TV.

The Chicago stations were consistently above 88% and some stations are at 90%. Interestingly, the station that were strongest were the Spanish speaking stations like Telemundo and Univision.

Milwaukee stations work mostly there above 75% and as high as 86%. There were some stations of lower power and I couldn't get a lock on them even to find out what they were. My TV doesn't give you an actual Channel count when it's done scanning. It's simply just goes back to the previous menu item. I didn't bother counting them.

Also, I was able to hook up my Zenith tuner. I first used it last night comma and I scanned with both antennas combined and I believe I got somewhere upwards of 90 channels or sub channels. It was raining at the time. Milwaukee VHF real Channel 8 (10.1 virtual) was coming and going also. In the morning it was probably the strongest channel I had from Milwaukee.

Yesterday morning the skies were clear and it seemed that I had more TV stations at a stronger strength than I did last night as the rain clouds came in. I know atmospheric conditions can cause issues so I don't feel like it was a fair comparison. Tonight I will rescan the TV without the tuner and then I will install the tuner and re-scan like that. I was wondering if I could put a splitter at the antenna signal and have one signal go directly to the TV and one signal go directly to the tuner. I feel like the quality of picture with the Zenith tuner is not as good as when I'm looking at the TV with the antenna plugged in directly. I also have my Tivax tuner I have not used on this TV.

Alternatively, I have a Radio Shack distribution amp with 4 outputs I will probably end up using once I feel everything is working good with one TV. What I was contemplating was running the antenna leads directly into the distribution amp.When everything is working well I will spread the signal around the house and begin the process of "cutting the cable".

Also I want to thank you and the others who have begun to contribute in this thread. It's a good feeling.

Thanks, Bob
Oh, OK. Does that mean you can't see any photos at all in posts 1-9?

Can you see the photos in posts 17-22?

This is turning out to be harder than I thought it would be. It looks like you are not allowed to see any attachments or any images derived from attachments.
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