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BTW, Array #2 is functional, but some technical issues have to be solved. I combined array 1 & 2 and got real CH 8 (10.1) 12.1, 18.1, are clear, anything higher, no lock or UHF was spotty, quite Pixelated.

I split the signals and attached array#2 to RF Input #2. Horrible. Not getting anything from Milwaukee going into Input 2 on my TV.

Plugged array#1 into Input#2, No stations, looks like a problem with Input 2, Hmmm, when I had Cable TV on that input, it was fine. I'll revisit that later. Maybe I'll try my Zenith or Tivax tuners.
Something is not right. What model is your (Toshiba?) TV?

Is input #2 only for cable and not antenna?
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