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What is the intended behavior of "duplicate" virtual channels?

I live in a fringe-reception area with a very lively broadcast market (San Francisco), and I'm puzzling over what should happen when there is "station ambiguity." Here's the background:
  • A powerful local station (KGO, virtual 7) broadcasts on real channel 12...I get that all the time
  • But it also broadcasts the same virtual channel on real channel 35
  • Under some weather patterns, I can get some signal from the real-channel 35 version
So...let's say I get enough signal on 35 on a particular day: does the TV know to ignore it (because it already has the same call sign stored on the same virtual channel), or is it conceivable that the channel 35 signal could displace the channel 12 signal in the lineup?

The answer may be "it depends on the tuner..."--but does anyone know what the specified behavior should be?
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