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Grettings JoeAZ,
45 mile is enough for me? thanks for the start, i was looking at an eves hanger; upside down T shape, what do you think? i know i have spliters on my cable lines, one is in the attic. Does it look like i can get many channels? what kind of amplification should i buy also? i would like to do this only once, so i would like the very best to buy. thank you soooo much for all your help.
Yes, the Winegard 7694p with its honest rating of 45 miles is sufficient.
Any antenna that tells you it can receive signals over about 60 miles is
untrue. The curvature of the Earth prevents this. To receive/send signals
over 60 miles the transmitter and/or receiving antenna must be very, very
elevated. An eaves hanger will work, however, it limits placement of the
antenna whereas a "J" mount is much more versatile with placement. You
could also use an old mount from Dish Network or Directv. Again, I would
suggest you try reception without amplification at first. If necessary,
I would suggest contacting Antennas Direct by phone and ask them which
product would be best in your situation. Try connecting the antenna to
the attic splitter and see what you get. Finally, with reception, do not
get discouraged. It takes lots of trial and error and time to maximize
your reception. The other antennas you mention are not good
for your area for various reasons. The Winegard 7694p will
withstand the worst winter storms without issues, some of the
others, not so much. Some are UHF only, an issue in your area.

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