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As AdTech stated:

"You'll likely need to worry a great deal more about the effects of the on-going repack as the assigned channels get shuffled around on both sides of the border. Co-channel and adjacent channel interference are probably going to be the limiting factors as there will about the same number of stations crammed into a much smaller section of RF real estate."

You will most certainly lose the ability to receive some if not many of those fabulous Buffalo,
NY stations. Perhaps you might want to contact Canadian Broadcasters and
ask them why they do not carry worthwhile programming. I've not understood why
Canadian Broadcasters do not often use their available sub-channels. For example,
why is CTV-2 not carried as a sub-channel of CFTO rather than a UHF stand alone
signal??? You'll have to get by with reruns of Red Greene or Coronation Street!

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