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VHF hi antenna

Originally Posted by 98mystique2 View Post
Good news, db8e came in today got it assembled hooked it up to the TV and get wgn even in the house (lots of dropouts). Bad news is I didn't do my research and Blackhawks have a contract with off air TV... So oh well but still get some fun tv! May look at ganging a high vhf and trying to get CBS too in this case.
if you do get a high VHF antenna, I recommend Stellar labs 30 - 2476. As far as antennas go, It's relatively inexpensive. From my own experience, I have a pair of them and both performed extremely well I'm 39 miles from Chicago, 47 miles Milwaukee and I get almost 90% I'm the farthest. .

My only complaint is it is a lot of antenna for 1 VHF station from each city. Still, it looks like with your distances it will be exactly what you need in tandem with your already excellent UHF antenna. I was amazed one day I picked up hey station in Kalamazoo from across the lake which is about a hundred miles. Not perfect reception but it was pretty impressive to even pick it up.

I believe that antennas direct also sells a simple VHF add on antenna, but I'm not so impressed with it, for longer distances like yours.

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