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Thanks for the information.
Antenna is indoors, second floor, behind a glass door (screen removed). Some pine trees in the way as weel but they are scattered (not directly in front)
I am looking to get another antenna. I plan to put it on the balcony, or right inside by the glass/screen door, which faces NE. I am also above ground, which may help.
How does the DB4e do with the door open or if it is out on the balcony?
I have a magnavox tv converter box (I still have an analog television set, will upgrade soon),
The new coax cable has helped, but still having pixelation/random black screen issues. RCA preamp (which I have used since I got the DB4e) has FM trap on, and set to VHF/UHF combined. Changing either if these results in lost channels.
I am not sure if the issue is the antenna (getting bad?), or that I have too many things downstream from the antenna (RCA preamp, and Channel Master DVR+).
What is your equipment setup now? What is connected to what and how long are the coax lines?
I often move my DB4e left/right 1-2 feet when I am having signal trouble.
That is not unusual; it is because the wavefront is non-uniform.
I previously used an RCA preamp, but have since stopped using it (minimal gains, and I figured the more items in between the TV and antenna, the more losses)
If the connections are good, more items should not be a problem. A preamp will allow you to receive signals that are about 5 dB weaker if the coax between the antenna and the preamp is short.

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