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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
I tried and tried to attach photos of a stucco mounted antenna
I recently installed but I keep getting a message that I'm over
the 500 mb limit. In any event, I would suggest you go into your attic
and survey the inside of the stucco chimney. You probably have 2x4's
at the four corners. If you cut another 2x4 about 2-3 feet long and
put it on the inside of the chimney, you can use a "Y" style mount.
One side of the mount will go into the corner 2x4's and the other side
of the mount will screw into the 2x4 you placed behind the stucco
in the attic. Hope this makes sense. Grounding the mast and cable,
while not perfect is certainly better than nothing at all.
Interesting. Did you fasten the 2x4 ahead of time, or let the bolts/screws from the Y bracket suspend it from the outside?
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