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Updates to Canadian stations

Application data for the following CRTC applications is now available in the Industry Canada public extract of its broadcasting database:

CITS-DT(1) Hamilton, power upgrade from 20kW peak to 473 kW peak
CHAU-DT-5 Perce, switch in channel from 13 to 11
CIII-DT(1) Paris, move from channel 6 to channel 17. vurtual channel likely to stay as 6.1)
CBOT-DT(1) Ottawa, increase in power and EHAAT. (likely to change again next year before it's actually built, but parameters will be comparable) virtual channel 4.1

CBOFT-DT(3) Ottawa is currently operating on a TO designation, but should probably be move from pending to current, in order to differentiate it from the real pending operation on channel 33 which has yet to be built. It will likely stay in operation through the decommissioning of the channel 9 antenna in preparation for the installation of the new channel 33/25 antenna next year.

Also, please change its virtual channel number from 33.1 to 9.2 which is what the station uses, as this will make it easier for users to differentiate it from the current operation of CBOFT-DT(1) on 9.1.
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