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Wow, that is some very good and detailed information, I greatly appreciate it!

Follow Up Questions:

1. If I add the additional antenna I guess I would place it at the top, the DB8e already has a joiner for the two sections, I guess I would take the cable coming out of that joiner and put it into the "VHF In" of the combiner you provided a link to. The new UHF antenna plugs into the other port and the center port is to the TV, correct?

2. Will the suggested UHF antenna be used to only get the NBC channel (RF 11) or is there hope to get additional channels or perhaps improve others I already get?

3. Based on the direction I have the DB8e aimed currently, which way would the second antenna need to be aimed to get NBC channel (RF 11) ?

4. Of the two recommended UHF the smaller one enough to reach what I am aiming for?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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