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You'd probably get the most cost-effective results if you were to add at least 5' to your mast so the antenna cleanly misses your neighbor's rooftop with a couple of feet to spare. As it is now, that roof is probably in your Fresnel zone and is effectively blocking too much of your RF signal path which then requires you to have to mis-aim the antenna to pick up a signal from off-axis.

I have little confidence in smartphone apps for use as a compass. I usually joke that they're accurate to only +/- 180. It's far more practical to use the interactive maps feature here, turn on the signal path lines, and then drag and drop the marker onto the antenna mounting location in the satellite (not the 3D view, if it pops up when you zoom in)view. The greenlines give you a clear visual reference as to where the signal path lies.

Your indicated signal path to Bithlo is 170 true, to the WESH translator is 187 true. You're mis-aimed by up to 30-40 at 150 which suggests that either you may have one of the sidelobes instead of the primary reception lobe of the antenna facing south or, as mentioned above, the signal is getting blocked by the neighbor's roof. At over 60 miles out, there is no margin for errors or omissions, you have to do everything right.
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