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these are either great (when they come in) or nothing at all.
That is the nature of digital signals, they're either perfect (enough) or they're not. The transition is VERY abrupt and is referred to as the "digital cliff effect".

You have two separate issues, most likely. I'll cover them separately.

Some history: All of the major Orlando stations have their primary transmitters located just outside Bithlo. All of the major Orlando stations, except WESH, went with UHF channels back in the original digital transition in 2009. WESH, on the contrary and unfortunately (for their antenna using viewers), chose to be the odd man out and chose VHF 11. In an effort to mitigate the issue, they eventually added local UHF translators in the Deltona (UHF 18) and Orange City (UHF 24) areas.

Okay, need a few more details.

1. When you do pick up WESH ("NBC"), are you picking up the channel 18 Deltona translator or the VHF 11 primary signal? You may need to see if your TV set has a diagnostics screen that identifies either the RF frequency or the "real" channel number. Both will display the received channel as 2.x so that won't help.

2. What direction do you have to adjust the DB8e to in order to pick up your NBC broadcast?

3. Do you have the DB8e's panels in parallel or are they splayed using the included adjustable swiveling feature?

4. Re: CBS. If you have the DB8e's panels in the basic parallel configuration and if the DB8e is aimed directly at Bithlo but WKMG won't come but, if the antenna is aimed elsewhere (which direction?) and comes in, then you likely have a signal path blockage (usually trees or buildings out in front of the antenna) and you need to consider moving the antenna, if feasible, to get the antenna out from behind the obstacle. Even if there is no visible obstruction, you may still need to relocate the DB8e and try again as you may have found a near-dead spot by accident. Just don't drill any new holes yet...
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