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Originally Posted by jimmylittleman View Post
I have a Winegard HD8200U antenna and a Winegard Chromstar Pre-Amp AP8275 - have rotor etc - have had this system in place for almost 10 years. We are a good 60 miles from the TV broadcast towers in Seattle but have been able to get many channels (weather dependent) - lately the reception seems to have gotten more difficult and I am wondering if the antenna or pre-amp strength can weaken with age due to weather etc? There has been no damage to either, nor any additional blockages outside - any ideas?
Hello, jimmylittleman

There are three possible causes of declining reception at your location:
1. Deterioration of your antenna system; you have had it up for many years.
Originally Posted by jimmylittleman View Post
I have been receiving OTA reception since the US went digital a couple of years back - lately, my reception has been getting worse and worse and it is very frustrating - it seems like reception was better a couple of years ago with the old analog TV and a cheap converter box. Here is my current set up

Antenna - Winegard HD8200U - about 40' above ground level on roof
Pre-AMP - Winegard Chromstar 2000 AP8275
TV - LG 47LV4400-UA
DVR (recently added) Channel Master CM7000PAL

I have a distribution amp also but have recently disconnected that and a 2nd TV in trying to increase signal strength - the Dist Amp is Winegard HDA 200

I also have motorized rotor to turn the antenna. Curiously, I bring in channel 5 (KING NBC) from SEattle at rotor # 6 on one day, then the next day I either cannot get the channel at all, or I get it with the rotor set at #24 or something?? There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the direction of the antenna from day to day and it never used to be that way.
2. The trees at your location are growing. You have mentioned in previous threads wet trees make it worse.
Originally Posted by jimmylittleman View Post
I am 60 to 80 miles away from most broadcast towers (I am in Bow WA the stations come out of Seattle, Tacoma)

For the past 10 years or so, I have had a Winegard HD 8200U antenna and a pre-amp to boost my signal - and a rotor to turn the antenna when needed. In addition to the distance, I have issues with trees etc - when the weather is good I get many stations out of Seattle area - but stormy weather takes out a lot of viewing options.
3. Changes in the transmitted signals from Repack by the FCC, as previously mentioned.

Estimated signal report from

Seattle Repack Plan:

The changes are to be completed during Phase 7, 10/19/2019 to 1/17/2020

In addition to concerns about the preamp and the coax, the HD8200U has the CB-8269 balun housing that sometimes gives trouble.

You are outside the KING area of coverage:

The coverage at Bow is very spotty. Red is the weakest listed color; no color is weaker.

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