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2020 Repack and Antenna Design

Hi all,

With the new repack and station reassignments and all the channels being below 36, wouldn't it be prudent for manufacturers to redesign antennas?

I know what the marketing answer is. If we can sell more antennas, we would redesign them. But on a more practical side, why not? To me it's a golden opportunity for marketing.

Just like they did when color TV came out. All the sudden the previously designed antennas became "Color TV antennas".
Or, what about the DTV transition? These same antennas now became "Digital TV antennas".

I mean everyone here has to admit that current TV antenna design could now be optimized and eliminate anything that helps with over channel 36.

What's funny to me, is when Winegard design there 7 through 69 series, everything above Channel 51 was eliminated right in the same time frame.

Or, does it really matter? I think it does matter. I've looked at several tests from different authors who like certain antenna in certain Channel bands. For example Tom Ballister felt that they 4228HD was a much better antenna below channel 40 than the other 8 bay antennas. I'm generalizing but that's kind of what I picked up from this review:

In the Winegard example, wouldn't have been optimal to filter out all the + 700MHz LTE signals and optimize the lower channels?

In other words if a certain antenna is optimized to a certain Channel range who cares what happens to the non-used TV channels?

I feel this is a legit question and may affect my future antenna choices. I'm seriously considering the CM4228HD for my future hobbying.

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