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Show Low is a really nice place. I was there last April when Run For The Fallen came through. I actually RAN through Show Low! Now, running at 7,000 elevation when you're used to 700 feet is hard enough, but throw in that I ain't as young as I used to be... well, let's just say I was really gasping! I'm the old guy on the right!

Couple of things:

1. Re the HOA's governance of antennas: It is is probably unlawful (except under very narrow circumstances). See

2. Remove the pre-amplifier and retest. For strong signal zones such as yours is calculated to be, they usually create new problems where none existed.

Try that and see what happens. VHF low is plagued with reception issues caused by local electrical noise so it might take some work to see if that's the case.

Winegard has a video floating around that shows how to test for a failed coupler board. It involves removing the board and making a substitute connection with a common matching transformer equipped with alligator clips. Rabbit73 probably has it bookmarked, hopefully he'll drop in and comment. I've never poked around inside their coupler box.
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