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hi guys! Help with new antenna setup..

We live in a rather rural area, 40ish miles away from any big city. I was gifted a DB8E with a VHF "retrofit" kit as none of the in-house antennas I tried would get more than one channel.

We have it 15-20 feet above ground level and are only able to get channels in the 'green' zone on the TV fool report. We did hoist it up another 10 feet temporarily and did not see a difference.

This is not a huge deal, but even those channels can vary in signal strength and blip out. We are surrounded by 50+ft trees but they are out quite a distance from the antenna.

If I wanted to try and have more reliable signal, would you recommend a new antenna (I do want VHF for WXXA) or getting it another 30 feet up? or both?

We don't have any additional hardware on the antenna and it's a short cable run, maybe 20 feet from the house.
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