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Thanks to everyone for the replies; I really appreciate the help! The link about how tree's affect reception, especially UFH, was very interresting and helpful.

Here's a list of the channels in my area with my prioritization (by distance):
WTNH-DT - Must Have
WZME - Don't Care
WFTY - Don't Care
WCTX - Nice to have
WEDY - Don't Care
WEDW - Must Have
WLNY - Don't Care
WTIC - Must Have
WPHX - Nice to have
WVIT - Must Have - Highest
WCCT - Don't Care
WEDH - Nice to have
WFSB - Must Have

I actually built a really simple bowtie antenna and placed it in my attic. With that I was able to get in several channels with varying degree's of success. This was a couple of months ago, so I don't remember specifically which one's, but there was a total of 6 that were watchable. WTNH came through in crystal clear high definition... I built my antenna off a similar design to this one:
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