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probably what you should be using is a ch2- 51 antenna system

UHF is strictly line of sight and severly attenuated by foliage
the only way you can receive UHF is by a reflection if no line of sight Path is available

high vhf (7-13) frequencies will bend slightly over hills and covers better than UHF due to lower path loss and is much less affected by foliage

low vhf (2-6) cover best in hilly terrain are virtually impervious to foliage
path loss is very low so coverage is very good

a large combo antenna like the Winegard hd8200u would likely do a much better job for you

and noise figure of amplifiers is a hair splitting debate that needs to stop

the fact is that your system. noise figure is set by the TV tuner which are ALOT higher than the routine 3 or so db that most preamps have

it like most of these made up specs I see these days is just another of many sales gimmicks
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