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Help with Reception

This is where I should have put it.

My TV fool Report is posted in this thread and is:

Analogue Channel 2 is quite strong and clear: -10.4 dBm
Analogue Channel 32 is picture and sound perfect
Analogue Channel 8 is also near perfect, only slight occasional ghosting

The digital channels are weaker in the sense that they are broadcast at much lower power but many from the exact same location only 9 to 10 miles away. But what I've noticed in connecting my first Digital to Analogue Converter Box, a Zinwell ZAT-970A, is that there is a noticeable and distracting series of evenly spaced diagonal lines oriented at about 60 degrees, spaced about 1" apart, going from the left of the screen to the right on all digital channels. There is sometimes a slight hint of the same type of interference-type lines but tighter together and much fainter, only on Analogue VHF Channel 2. Rooftop antenna is made by Antennacraft: VHF/UHF/FM sold by Radio Shack as RS VU-160XR with Antennacraft Rotator.
Thanks for your ideas.

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