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Finding Appropriate TV Antenna

Does anyone have experience with using an antenna like the Antennacraft MXU59 vs. say a 4 bay Antenna like the Antennacraft U4000? The manufacturer's gain figures for the MXU59 is a conservative 10.7dbd and the U4000 is rated at 10dbd. I have a rotator so I could move it easily. I hear a lot about the Channel Master 4221 4 bay, but very little about the American made Antennacraft U4000. I would believe that the corner reflector Yagi MXU59 would stand up to the elements and birds better over time than the 4 bay U-4000.

Because digital transmissions typically use lower power than analogue, post transition would it be possible to use a preamp even if some stations are only 10 miles away N/E, as some, in the opposing direction, are around 40-50 miles South. It's just now while there's still analogue VHF, I know that two stations, VHF 2 and 8, would overload my tuner if they were amplified.


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