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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
The stacker is a good antenna, but it is not optimum for you. Yes, you need to add VHF ability to your existing UHF antenna, but you need your VHF and UHF antennas aimed in different directions. Consider adding a ANT 751 to your existing antenna using a UVSJ. Aim the VHF at WTNH. You’d ignore the UHF ability if the ‘751. Then you can optimize the aiming of your UHF antenna for the other stations you want.
Funny...I had had a 751 at one time but got very few stations with it...I'm assuming I did get WTNH, but can't remember. It's before I had any idea of different antennas for UHF and VHF. It's when I first started "playing" with going over to an antenna. Do you see any way I'll be able to pick up the CBS affiliate WFSB? At one time I actually picked up WCBS out of NY which is in the opposite direction of the antenna, but they raised some power lines up higher in the direction of NY and that did away with WCBS.
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